New Album

Hold On To Your Soul

Laini and the Wildfire

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Long Bio

Laini and the Wildfire is a soulful piano rock quartet from New Haven, CT. With powerhouse vocals and amplified retro pop inspired songwriting, the band floats between genres creating their own distinct blend of introspective rock, roots, and soul.  More than three years in the making, the band’s new full length album titled,  ‘Hold On To Your Soul’ is a wink to the group’s sonic journey, as well as a celebration of the beauty in unabashedly embracing individuality.   

Channeling her background as a working therapist, the record is lead singer/songwriter/keys player Laini Marenick’s attempt at reconciling her own personal struggles with self love and acceptance, flaws and all.  Through empowerment, vulnerability, and confrontation of the shadow self, ‘Hold On To Your Soul’ traverses thematic highs and lows through groove driven aural landscapes.   

The record is a follow up to Laini and the Wildfire’s 2017 debut album, titled ‘Wandering’ which was was awarded “Best Pop Band” by Indie Voice blog, and received numerous write-ups from press outlets including The Hartford, Courant, CD Baby, and The Big Takeover. The band has  steadily gained recognition for their energetic and engaging performances throughout venues and festivals in the northeast, supporting touring acts such as Heartless Bastards, Juice, and Alpaca Gnomes, as well as performing at events like the Big E, Sailfest (New London, CT), and Riverfront Music Revival (CT).