Summer shows!

It finally is starting to feel like summer in Connecticut, and the band is so excited to get out there in the beautiful weather and play some more shows.  We just played a show at The Ballroom at the Outerspace this past Saturday 5/21, and then played at Jimbo's in Seaside Heights, NJ on Sunday 5/22 for the Jersey Shore Festival.  We made friends with another up and coming band in New Jersey, called The Well Wish, and we can't wait to hear more from them! There is some great video footage from that show as well, which we'll be posting soon.  Next up, we're headed to Portland, Maine to play Andy's Old Port Pub on 6/4.  We also are in the process of recording a special cover song to be released sometime this summer, and are getting started on recording the new EP! 

Here's a few fun pics from Jersey this past weekend: