Snow, Shows, and Songs

The first "snow day" of the year.  There is something so peaceful about it.  Everything seems to stop, except for the world around you that continues to get buried in sparkly, white snowflakes.  For some, it's a day to do those things you've been putting off for months---cleaning out your cabinets or closet or catching up on paperwork that you've been behind on.  For others, it's a day to do nothing. You move only from couch to fridge, and you binge watch TV for hours.  I tend to fall somewhere in the middle, but most of my day is spent on music related things.  There is nothing better for my music than unexpected time off, trapped in the house, with no interruptions (other than my dog Ruby, of course). 

And as for music, things are going along beautifully.  We are starting to record vocals this week, and are finishing up the writing process for a few more new songs.  Looks like the album will have 9 brand new songs on it, and is on track to be released in June 2017.  Not sure which one the single is going to be.  Initially it was going to be "Wandering" (our Tiny Desk Video song which you can see here), but there are some new songs we just wrote that definitely are contenders for the single.  It's going to be hard to choose! 

While most of our time has been focused on writing and recording, we do have a great show planned for February 24th in Milford, CT presented by the Milford Arts Councill. It is one of our only shows this winter, so don't miss it! We will be debuting a few new songs, and I have a special new handmade merch item in the works.  Click here for details about the show and tickets.  

Hope to see all of you lovely people on the 24th! Northeast friends---if you're lucky enough to not be working during this snowstorm today, enjoy your time off!