Quitting My Day Job

Wow.  I have been slacking on updating my blog.  But truthfully while I may have neglected the blog, I have been working really hard on other things, like recording, and making a plan to leave my job as a therapist so I can pursue music full time.   So yes, it's official, I'm focusing 100 % on music as of August.  I'll be teaching piano to supplement some income, but I mainly will be focusing on the band and really trying to move things forward.  We played a show this past Friday 6/30 with Sarah Golley at Seaside Tavern, and she interviewed me for her series "EarWorms and BrainMusings" where I talk a little bit about the transition to music full time.  I plan to write more about my journey with music in the future, but check out the video interview from Friday to get a little glimpse of that story.   

(P.S. recording is ALMOST done, and we are planning to release the new album in the fall!)