Portland, ME recap

No matter how many times I have visited Maine, I am still in awe of how beautiful that state is.  This past weekend was no different! We played at Andy's Old Port Pub in Portland, and played a more acoustic style show.  And we even had a handful of our CT friends there with us, which made it even more fun.  There were quite a few trials and tribulations getting to the show though--the main concern being that I had laryngitis all week (for the first time in my life, how convenient!) and was really worried about having to sing.  

I was on vocal rest for 4 days prior to the show, so my only means of communication was by texting. On the ride up to Maine, the guys in the band took my text communication to a new level, and decided to have Siri read all the text messages I sent to them over the stereo system in the car.  Hearing Siri read my text message to Mark that said "It's not urgent, but I might have to pee soon" made me silently laugh so hard I actually almost peed my pants in the back seat.  

We have some great memories from that trip, and I feel pretty good that I was able to sing well for that show, despite the stupid laryngitis! Props to my vocal coach, modern medicine, and my extremely supportive bandmates for getting me through that one!