Concert Catharsis: The Story of "Newport"-Part One

I saw Florence + the Machine in concert a few nights ago, and while I could go on and on about how incredible she and the band are live, and how I think she may possibly be one of the best performers of my generation, I'll spare you the gushing.  You already know all of that anyway, I'm sure!  What I do want to share is the familiar feeling I have after every concert I go to.  I always leave with an energy that makes me feel like I have no other choice but to do music, no matter what length I have to go to. It's not always a comfortable feeling.  Actually, up until I really started to pursue music about a year ago, it was a really sad feeling. Watching artists perform who I admired made me feel like I knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing. But then when the concert was over that feeling would disappear because I wasn't doing anything myself to pursue music, and it felt impossible to actually do it.  That all changed for me after the Newport Folk Festival last year....