Show Recap and Birthday Reflections

Another birthday in the books, and what a birthday it was!  I celebrated by playing a show at the MAC (Milford Arts Council), and it was absolutely incredible.  The venue was beautiful, and the room was packed with a very lively audience.  We couldn't have asked for a better night, honestly. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, if you happen to be reading this and were able to share that very special night with me.  We have some great photos and video of the show which will be released soon!

I talked about this a little at the show last week, but for me (and many of you, I'm sure, too) birthdays are a very emotional.  You stop and think about the year before--what you accomplished, what you keep putting off, what you wish was different, and whatever it means to you to be part of whatever stage of your life you're in.  That question of "what have I done with my life in the past year" usually is quite daunting for me.  It's kind of hard to look at yourself when you're very aware that you're not living life to your fullest potential.

But this year was SO different.  I have (mostly) done things that made me happy.  And most of those things are related to music.  I cannot believe that in one year, I have released my first EP, started performing regularly, and am working towards a second full length album--and this is all on top of some great feedback we have gotten from lots of music industry professionals.  Recently, we were nominated for Best in State for CT by the New England Music Awards (Vote for us here!!), and received an artist endorsement through Westone In-ear monitors.  

It seems unreal.  But truthfully, we have worked SO HARD as a band--not just with our performance and songwriting, but also on the music business/social media end of things.  So if you're thinking, "they got lucky", we didn't.  Things have happened for us because of how hard we worked, and because people have taken an interest in our music. Our success this year did not happen blindly.  Through shows, rehearsals, music business courses, voice lessons etc...(the list goes on), we immersed ourselves in the "biz" and it's starting to pay off.  

So this truly was a happy birthday for me this year, as I was finally able to be proud of all things that I have accomplished in the past year, and look forward to all things I am planning to do over the next 12 months.